Website for 'Forgive'

Tobe Butler (aka 'Forgive') was in search of a new interactive, appealing website to promote himself and his new album. He is a little known artist who has proved popular with audiences accross the country, often selling unexpected numbers of albums. To make sure he kept his appeal in the long-term I recommended an appropriate website that could be plugged at gigs and mentioned inside albums, this way a one-time fan could easily catch up with his latest work.

I was keen to build a fully interactive site comparable with other artists in his industry and initially planned to create a flash site in ActionScript 3. As I approached the requirements we drew up together I quickly realised that everything we wanted was possible in Accessible, SEO-Rich HTML/JavaScript, this saved needing a backup HTML version. I am passionate about accessibility (making sure all users can access your content in the way that suits them and their needs) and took this site as a bit of a case-study.

As a normal user views this site they will be greeted with a rich Web2.0 site which animates between pages and doesn't require refreshing. As a Search Engine or Non-JavaScript User views the site they will be greeted with the exact same design and content with links that take them to new pages with new content as this is all they can cope with (technically). I put in a CMS that gives Tobe the control he needs and built the front-end code in such a way that the same content and style rules are always used whether you're a JavaScript user or not.

The techniques I used here were OO-PHP, XHTML 1.0 Strict, XML, CSS, JavaScript, 'True AJAX' (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), ActionScript 3 (for Media Player) and MXML (Adobe Flash Builder 4 - the new name for Flex Builder). My involvement for this site included Design, Development, Deployment, Hosting, SEO and general advice.

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