Charity Greetings

Charity Greetings is a website we set up at Capsule01 that allows users to send e-cards while supporting charities. The idea was to incorporate some prinicples of social networking into the site alongside a 'virtual mantelpiece' to display your Charity Greetings on.

I worked on Charity greetings with our Technical Director, I began by developing a full front-end build of the logged-in home page then moved on to a Form Object that powers the Admin Console. This Form Object was a reusable way of covering forms which build on a fully relational database structure, this meant that the Admin Console was easy to maintain without compremising data structure. Read more about the Form Object here.

This project was my first full experience of a larger project structure and taught be to build and test against User Journey diagrams, Data Design alongside the client's expectations.

See the external porject page here

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