About Mat Carey


Since making his first HTML website in 2000, Mat has been hooked on coding websites. Some were for fun, some for himself, but most had a purpose and a reason for existing. In 2003, he excitedly made use of his first .co.uk address and "proper" (not free) server. In 2009, he made a site for a major client which received 25 visits per second on launch day. Every site brings him new challenges and techniques and the journey continues.

In January 2009, he made the move to full-time Web Development, taking a Junior Web Developer role with Capsule01 in Hoxton Square, London. Quickly, he was making use of the knowledge and techniques he picked up while making small freelance sites and was able to apply them to this new position. While at Capsule01, he was developing highly creative websites as part of a small team. Here, he pushed for accessibility while building to creative designs for Web and Email. Mat made use of his knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql, XML, AJAX and started using jQuery. He quickly became trusted to work alone and to build full websites as well as tools for the rest of team to use.

When Mat was made redundant from Capsule01 in May 2009, he was approached by First*Clarity, a consultancy who carry out work for a range of industries including media, news and Financial institutes. He found himself in a team of Java programmers working on the front end (everything the user sees) of large data-driven sites. This was when he began to specialize in User Interface Development.

Current Work

Currently, Mat is the Senior User Interface Development Consultant for First*Clarity, based near Oxford Circus, London. Here, he has learned to use JSP and some Java (inc. Maven, Tomcat, Swing MVC) while discovering Agile Methodoloy, User Stories, N-Tier Development and working with existing large sites. He also advanced his knowledge of accessibilty, Search Engine Optemisation (SEO) and Server Configuration (Apache, Apache Tomcat, Linux (Bash), Solaris).

He is currently mentoring two Junior UI Devlopers and supporting one other Senior UI Developer. Mentoring juniors has made him realise how much he has learned since starting his job with First*Clarity and how much he already knew before that. He is regualarly working and liasing with large companies and running projects either on his own or as part of an internal or external team.

Freelance Work

Alongside this job, Mat also does some freelance work. Usually, this takes the shape of small sites for small companies but has also devloped into a hosting service and adding new features to existing sites. Here, Mat makes use of his home-built PHP Library which includes a number of Object Oriented tools that are designed for reuse. This library covers Object Oriented structures for pages, user-management, forms (with validation and database connection). He recently used his Form Object on a project at First*Clarity for a site used by 48,000 users.


Mat's major passion is building effective, accessable, highly interactive websites. This means there are advanced features for users with a fully functional browser (JavaScript, CSS and image support), but users who don't use a fully functional browser still have full access to all content.


Mat aims to be an expert in User Interface Develoment for web and he feels it's important to back this up with a wide understanding of the whole development cycle. This is why he specialises in User Interface Development but is passionate about expanding his existing Back-End Devlopment skills.

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